Becalmify your life is a 5-week course designed to provide you with simple techniques to manage stress and live a more enjoyable life.

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Stress is your automatic reaction to external events. You can change your reaction by learning how to choose a better response.

How often do you take time to stop and explore YOU with a calm and curious mind? “I’m too busy … too tired … completely stressed” is your typical response. Does it stop you from fully participating in life?

This 5-week course gives you the opportunity to break free and build resilience for this stressful world.

Each individual session invites you to start a journey of self-exploration and improves resilience, by investigating:

  • what is stress and how does it present itself? how can you overcome the causes of stress?
  • what are your reactions in stressful situations? can you change them?
  • how can you use the techniques presented in the course to better manage stress?

The course includes:

  • engaging and interactive weekly sessions teaching stress management tools, mindful and meditation techniques
  • a ‘Welcome pack’ including an initial 15 minute online assessment call
  • stress-reducing practical hints and tips which you can apply in your daily life and are tailored to your individual needs
  • a separate weekly ‘check-in’ for your support and encouragement to stay on track (online/phone)
  • stress measurements to track your progress
  • online support and motivation by interacting with the coach and the course attendees
  • a small course group providing a safe environment for you to share your challenges, progress and learning.


This exceptional course is new to Guildford and is available at promotional rates. Take action now to improve your life by attending this course for only £75.

For bookings or questions please call 07853 406668 or email calm.curious.mind@gmail.com

There are no further places available in 2018. Contact Margarita using the details above for information about reservations for 2019.

No previous experience is required. Age 18+ only.

The course will be held weekly in Guildford. Course dates for Autumn 2018 are November 7th to December 5th inclusive.

The 2018 course will be held at Beverley Hall, Haydon Place, Guildford, GU1 4ND. (Beverley Hall is next to Waitrose carpark). A map is available here.

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