Calm + Curious

I love watching people grow, achieve & become happier.

Modern life can feel too busy and too stressful. We don’t take the time to nurture what we need most: ourselves and others. We might not know or forget to apply what makes our life more enjoyable:

  • being more positive
  • nurturing authentic connections
  • living a purposeful existence
  • finding your ‘flow’
  • having a sense of achievement.
If you become happier, more resilient and learn how to thrive, you can achieve more and make a much bigger impact in your community or at work.
This idea resonated with me a couple of years ago. I was unhappy and working in a company which did not ‘feel right’. I felt the stress was affecting my health and I knew I had to change to protect myself and to be able to thrive.

It was a scary time for me but I also a huge opportunity. It was the perfect time to evaluate myself, who I was and where I wanted to be. What were my strengths and core values and how could I use these to help myself and other people?

I founded my business ‘calm+curious’ which combined my core values in life.

Calmness: Stress can be so destructive. Staying calm is crucial for our personal well-being. Getting into a calmer state is the first step before working on any desired change, goal, or improvement, at home, in the workplace or in our personal lives. Promoting and practicing de-stressing techniques including ‘mindfulness’ underpin the work I do with my clients.

Curiosity: This is one of my personal, signature strengths and appears in all aspects of my life. It explains why I moved to the UK, why I worked in both large and small companies in different countries and industries. It is the urge to seek new challenges, learn new things and allow me to understand new ideas. My curiosity complements my genuine interest in other people and what makes them happy.

My additional core values are

Helping and Caring: I have always wanted to help people. Early in my career, I was an adult nurse before starting my Psychology degree. The well-being of individuals is close to my heart and I genuinely care about my clients.

I am lucky to volunteer as a ‘Community Angel’ for a Guildford based charity. We reach out to the local community in many ways, providing a caring, listening presence. This may include those who face loneliness, isolation, illness or other personal difficulties.

People Science: I have a deep interest in the science of behaviour and the mind. This was one of the reasons I chose a Masters degree in Psychology. I continuously follow this topic, studying the newest research from positive psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness. Clients benefit from this latest research, and it is included in all my courses. I focus on having an analytical mind and want to ensure there are measurable results.

Openness: My upbringing was multi-cultural and multi-lingual – living in Spain, Germany and the UK, and speaking all three languages. It has taught me that ‘openness’ is essential to explore thoughts and opinions, to learn and thrive. This experience has been extremely valuable for nurturing relationships with my clients, and it often brings interesting new perspectives for them and for me.