Becalmify your life a 2 for 1 package – coaching online course

Are you stressed?

Most of us are. Everyone knows stress. It can come from work, family, everything. You can probably produce a list of things which ‘stresses’ you pretty easily.

What if I tell you that stress can sometimes be good for you? Surprised?

It puts our mind and body in an ‘alert’ status to act, fast. This reaction is ancient and programmed into us for survival as part of our evolution: ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ like when you see a lion in the wild?

Of course, we don’t fight lions anymore, but managers, delayed trains, pressure of deadlines, or fighting kids. The automated reaction in our body and mind hasn’t changed.

Being moderately ‘stressed’ can give you this boost in brain power to help you to successfully deal with work or life related demands .

However … (yes, there is always a but..)

What if, you are constantly in this ‘alert’ state and it becomes chronic? This can have a serious impact on your health, relationship, productivity, and creativity.

Is there a solution? YES, there is.

You can learn how to stay calm, manage your perception of stress, become more resilient towards life demands and live a more enjoyable life.

But where should you start and how can you change?


Let me help you with Becalmify.

Becalmify’ is for you – if:

  • you want to learn how to ‘KEEP CALM’
  • you want to change your mindset to enjoy life more
  • you want to learn how to become more resilient and manage your stress reaction better
  • you feel exhausted from work or life and want to learn how to cope better
  • you are curious about scientific proven tools helping you to thrive and enjoying life
  • you want to learn together with others but also be guided

With Becalmify you will get 2 for 1.

The course:

  • Three 1.5 hour group session helping you to understand what stress is and how to manage it.
  • The sessions are engaging and highly interactive. You will not only learn but also practise straight away with others.
  • The small group of maximum of 6 people will provide you a safe environment and will give you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and share your challenges.

The coaching:

  • I will connect with you prior to the first session to get a clear understanding of your needs and stress status.
  • I will check-in with you regularly throughout the month for your support and encouragement.
  • I will act as your accountability partner, helping you to stay on track with your new gained habits.

So you get a small group programme to learn and practice techniques with the benefit of 1:2:1 follow up and accountability.

That’s 2 for 1.

Becalmify is available on several dates.  Click here for more details and to see available dates.

For questions please call 07853 406668 or email

No previous experience is required. Age 18+ only.
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