Do you want to be happier ?

It’s a choice. Your choice. You can choose to live a happy life.

You can avoid negative thinking. You can change your thoughts if they are holding you back. You can be more resilient. You can manage negative emotions.

Each session will focus on exploring different techniques for self-improvement. Margarita will help you to explore :

  • how to increase your happiness
  • strategies to overcome negative thinking traps
  • giving yourself a more positive outlook on life
  • reducing anxiety and over-thinking problems
  • making yourself more optimistic about outcomes
  • applying gratitude to your daily life.

This is a relaxed online group event for beginners where newcomers are always welcome. You will leave each session inspired to apply the practical hints and tips in your daily life.


Margarita will lead you on a journey of discovery. You will leave each session feeling calmer and more curious about life!

Visit any session to discover practical hints and simple techniques to make life easier and happier. Past attendees can also drop-in at any time.


behappify sessions are running throughout 2020 and are online and free! You can book the online session here.

A different course specifically for managing stress is also offered. See ‘becalmify‘ details here.


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