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To discuss your situation privately Margarita offers one-to-one sessions.

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One-to-one discussions will address your specific needs in a sensitive and positive manner. Together we will explore your situation and create a plan to put you on the road to becoming happier. This plan will show you how to improve your wellbeing and design your future life.

The first session is usually an assessment of your current situation, and an exploration of your desired outcome or goal. Simple techniques are provided for you to start the first steps on your journey of change.

Additional sessions will offer new tools and techniques to allow you to make further progress toward your goal. These coaching sessions will use scientifically proven tools and techniques from Positive Psychology, to provide you with a positive, uplifting outlook.

Each session lasts a minimum of one hour. Meetings are arranged in-person, by phone, or over the internet (Skype, etc.). according to your preference. After each meeting you’ll receive a brief report containing insights & actions. You will also be supported between sessions by the use of telephone and email.

Each person is different and each situation is unique. This means it is impossible to say at the start how many meetings will be required. Previous experience suggests that we should initially plan for 4 meetings, and modify this if required. If you would like to have a complimentary 20-minute assessment call then please call to make an appointment.

The meetings will allow you to start changing your mind-set and let go of your limiting beliefs.

Call Margarita today on 07853 406 668 to arrange a private one-to-one meeting, or to book your complimentary assessment.


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