I want a thriving organisation. Where do I start?

Calm+Curious helps your people to build healthier habits and behaviours, increasing their well-being. Teams are able to stay focused, manage stress and be resilient. The ‘calm+curious’ journey starts with learning and practising how to stay calm. A calmer mindset enables teams and leaders to be open and work together. This also includes techniques for learning how to be more productive and creative.

How is this change delivered ?

(1) Customization

Every organisation is different. You can select options depending on your needs. Customers typically choose either a well-being program or a workshop.
  • You might want a one-off well-being booster session to empower your team to stay calm, productive, focused and better connected.
  • You might want a longer well-being program over a period of several weeks, tackling the key causes of stress and assisting the team in building healthier habits.

All sessions are engaging, highly interactive and hands-on. Staff are given the opportunity to learn and practise tips and new techniques. Sessions can be designed for individuals, teams and executives at all levels.

(2) Personal interactions

My approach is warm and personal, connecting and engaging with everyone. I provide support and encouragement throughout our journey together. Personal ‘nudges’ in the form of regular check-ins are important to drive change and to keep participants moving in the right direction.

(3) Science

My approach is based on proven techniques using science-led effective tools, selected from positive psychology and neuroscience research.

Every organisation is different, but every organisation can benefit.

I would love to hear about your needs.