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What people are saying about the courses

“… coming weekly to Margarita’s sessions has helped me realise … that there are tools and ways to deal better with the challenges that life throws at us.

… we can train our minds to deal better with how these challenges make us feel and how to overcome them in the moment. I feel I have much more to learn …

Margarita has been teaching us to make it more of my daily routine so I can feel in a happier state everyday of my life”

RJ, Guildford


“The sessions have helped me refocus. I now find it easier to reflect on difficult and stressful situations. I have also enjoyed learning about mindfulness within a group setting …

I now have a better understanding about mindfulness. How to use mindfulness techniques to help me cope with everyday stressful situations.”

SB, Guildford


“[We] found the session this evening very informative and enjoyable.”

AF, Guildford


I loved the mindfulness class …

I am still doing regular meditation and feeling the benefits

CR, Guildford


You will never eat a piece of fruit or stand on the grass again without recalling your time practicing mindfulness with Margarita. Her enthusiasm and willingness to share the benefits of mindfulness are one of many reasons to attend. Each session is carefully planned, yet she was very responsive to the needs of the group, making adjustments based on our feedback. One aspect I appreciated was the variety of approaches and techniques, ensuring that whatever your learning style there was something in each session to take away and practice. I recommend Margarita for anyone seeking to learn about mindfulness, or to further extend their practice; you might even come away with a little less stress and a few more ways of coping with tomorrow.

GB, Guildford


“… the time went quickly and we were able to accomplish quite a lot. I think the [class exercise] was nice”

AM, Guildford


If you’re interested in attending a course they are offered at several venues in Guildford. See behappify and becalmify .
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