a happier joyful life

maintain your focus
calm your mind
enhance your happiness

calm + curious

Get in-touch with your senses and experience the present moment with calmness, curiosity and compassion.

Discover how to manage negative self-talk and over-thinking.

book a complimentary assessment nowMargarita will lead you on a journey of discovery. She is passionate about making the world a better place by utilising mindful techniques. Her approach is completely secular, welcoming people of all religions and backgrounds.

If you’re interested in attending a course they are offered at several venues in Guildford. See behappify and becalmify .

behappify is a drop-in event to increase your happiness, overcome negative thinking, obtain a positive outlook, reduce anxiety, stop over-thinking, and to promote a more optimistic outlook.

becalmify is a short course to help you manage stress and to provide simple techniques to avoid becoming stressed during a busy day-to-day life.

To see what people are saying about these courses please look at the testimonials.


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